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Breo iDream3 Rechargeable Head Massager

With the modern lifestyle being so demanding and stressful, physical tiredness such as insomnia, headache, and muscle dampness might be an issue. But you can get relax from the comfort of anywhere you are with this Breo iDream3 Rechargeable Head Massager. This iDream3 massages the eye, UPPER neck, temple & Scalp at the same time. Breo iDream3 head massager simulates human fingers to soothe pressure points around your eyes & temples, scalp, and upper neck. Cordless Remote Controller allows you to switch air pressure modes, change warm compression temperature, and select time duration according to your preference. You can even enjoy soft music as you are getting the massage, The music can be heard softly while the helmet is on, or you can incorporate the included earbuds. This device will leave you lighter and relieved.


  • people with indisposed symptoms like inflammation and blood stasis or surgery on the head are prohibited to use this product.
  • Sluggish patients or people with physical or mental or intellectual disabilities should not be allowed to use this product.
  • Please do not use this product in the environment with excessively high temperatures or humidity.

Value Summary

  1. Produces a gentle heat to relieve eyes & temple, improving blood flow.
  2. Skin-friendly, Gentle, Softer, Non-irritating, and greater durability than normal PU leather.
  3. Easily adjusting head massage, EASY AND HASSLE FREE With the remote controller.

breo iDream 3 head massager


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