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EVEREST: The World’s Most Innovative, Customizable Keyboard

Looking for a gaming keyboard that looks totally unique and super different from the rest out there in the market? Here it is. Introducing Everest, the world’s most innovative and customizable keyboard. You can build a tailor-made keyboard that helps maximize your performance while also being able to express your own style. With this option, your keyboard will always look different even from that of your friend that got the same Everest with you from the same store. Among its most notable features, this fully modular, mechanical gaming keyboard comes with integrated colored display keys, a detachable Numpad, hot-swappable switches.  A whole mountain range of controls and information on top of your keyboard. Plus, this is the first of its kind to feature a display! Apart from easily accessible media controls, the display will enable you to monitor your system, display, or switch profiles.

Value Summary

  1. You own your style and preference through hardware and software customization.
  2. Numpad can be detachable and be placed at either side of the board with four dedicated color Display Keys to customize your favorite shortcut and icon
  3. Also included is a Media Dock with Display Dial that can be positioned on either of the top corners of your Everest and fitted with LED indicator lights.

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