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Norm Glasses: Normal Looking AR Smart Glasses


Step into the future where the next generation technology is with this Normal Looking AR Smart Glasses. Just like a normal looking glass, Norm Glasses are lightweight, equipped with a wearable mini-computer that can display information in your field of view. These glasses have a fully functioning microcomputer built up in it and it features voice activation, camera, dual speakers, and a head-up display (HUD). What a gadget!  Sleek, stylish and comfortable eyewear fully loaded with patented features that will make you forget that you are wearing glasses with a powerful built-in microcomputer. These glasses allow you to take pictures, record videos, make phone calls, or even watch videos, without having to pull out your phone. So you can learn how to cook by simply watching the video through the glasses and at the same time practicing them.

Value Summary

  1. it is very easy to control either by the app, voice activation, touch on the control panel or using head gesture
  2. Hassle-free phone calls and read, listen & reply to text messages, Comfortably listen to music, audiobooks, watch videos, and do so much more, take photos and videos with ease.
  3. Putting on this gadget, Turn-by-turn navigation is displayed in the field of view so you never miss a turn.





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