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VR Ears Hear Off-World, Listen Off-Ear

Listen to any sound better with VR Ears™. Most over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear headphones cause some kind of discomfort but have you tried this off-ear VR Headphone? I guess not. Try out this piece of Off-ear speakers that deliver high-performance audio to all leading VR headsets and standalone with HeadStrap. The speakers will not just make you listen to your virtual world but also allow you to live in it. VR ears give you the full feeling of off-ear surround sound, even as you move your head and body, no matter where the shot is coming from which makes it perfect for gaming. Before sound enters your ears, it bounces around all the flesh on the outer ear(pinna). This biological structure is, in fact, a large part of what helps you to perceive the sound direction and contributes to the reason our ears are shaped in this strange way.

Value Summary

  1. Pinpoint positional audio direction lets you “just know” where your enemies are when playing.
  2. Sounds that move every which way, with you and the video making you own your virtual world.
  3. Better sound accuracy means getting the drop on an enemy faster or avoiding death in precarious situations. Let all who dare to sneak up on you beware of the VR Ears.

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